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Vacuum freeze dryer

Xingshunda vacuum freeze-drying equipment represents Xingshunda's focus on the development and manufacture of vacuum freeze-drying. Vacuum freeze-drying technology is an advanced food dehydration processing technology. Compared with the common drying methods, the nutrients and food flavor and shape of the food are kept to a large extent and the processed food can be stored for a long time under a normal temperature and dry environment. It is
widely used in the processing of vegetables, fruits, condiments, aquatic products, meat products and biological products, pharmaceuticals, beverages, specimens, and other fields.
 Vacuum freeze dryer (Small)

Xingshunda offers the small vacuum freeze- drying solution. It is often used for experimental and simulation testing before large-scale production process design, and also provides vacuum freeze-drying solutions for small processing companies.
 Vacuum freeze dryer (Large)

Industrial and commercial vacuum freeze- drying equipment
Fuzhou XingShunDa Refrigeration Facility Project Co., Ltd has founded in 2003. Xing Shunda specializes in the supply of equipment and solutions in the field of refrigeration and vacuum freeze drying.

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