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Vacuum freeze dryer (Large)
Excellent vacuum freeze drying performance
The principle of Freeze-drying
The drying process is as follows: Firstly, the internal moisture of food has been frozen in the low-temperature environment. secondly, In drying step, the ice inside previous raw material will directly be converted into steam evaporation during a near-vacuum environment.  Finally, the internal moisture of food will dramatically decrease. The whole dewatering process is under a lower temperature environment than that of traditional dryer.    
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Customer case

图片8 (1)
2018.11.16 ShunDi food., Ltd in Shanghai China
Freeze-dried food production (Pear)
Dry area: 100 M^2
图片7 (1)
2012 ShunDi food., Ltd in Shanghai China
Freeze-dried food production (Mushroom)
Dry area: 200 M^2
图片9 (1)
2015 More luck international Co., Ltd in Thailand
Freeze-dried food production (Durian)
Dry area: 30 M^2
图片10 (1)
2014 Fuqing food., Ltd in Fuqing China
Freeze-dried food production (durian)
Dry area: 70 M^2
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The video of Freeze-dryer

The advantages are given by freeze-deying
 图片3   Preserve most of food characteristics to a large extent.
  time    Gives the food a long shelf life.

  图片2    Excellent recovery perform,After water absorption.
   图片1   Value-added.
Applied range
图片1  Food manufacturers .
  Extracting temperature sensitive materials .
 图片6 Pet food .
Our test samples
       Shiitake mushroom
Shiitake mushrooms
      White mushrooms
White mushrooms
图片2 (1)
     Dragon fruit
图片5 (1)
Why are you choose us


User-friendly control system
Customized design 

Stainless steel frame 

A quality hygiene experience



A reliable and professional engineer team

Timely debugging and installation service

Diverse equipment training methods for users

Fast emergency response team

Device parameters

Heating temperature +15°C~+130°C
Cold trap working temperature -30°C~-45°C
Working vacuity 13Pa~120Pa
Heating media steam/electric heating
Refrigeration R507/R404A/R22/R717
Vacuum pump combination mode Oil rotary vacuum pump/roots vacuum pump /water ring vacuum pump (Based on customer requirements)
Cold trap work pattern single cold trap(one time de-icing)/Multiple cold traps (continuous de-icing)
(Based on customer requirements)
Control method PLC/PC(Based on customer requirements)
Drying area 22.6~203.0M²
Raw material loading capacity 600~6000L
Dehydration ability 40~400Kg/H
Drying compartment size diameter:1800~2400mm H:2670~12100mm
Tray size(L×W×H) 870X540X33mm
Number of trays 48~432
Material convey Loading tray by truck
Drying area 13~19
Steam consumption 100~630Kg/H
Compressed air consumption 0.5MPa 0.4~1.3m^2/min
Water consumption(Max) 225~2200Kg/H
Installed power 73~457KW
Overall Dimensions  (L-W-H) L:9~11m;W:10~21m;H:3~4.1m
Fuzhou XingShunDa Refrigeration Facility Project Co., Ltd has founded in 2003. Xing Shunda specializes in the supply of equipment and solutions in the field of refrigeration and vacuum freeze drying.

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