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Shelf blowing type quick freezing unit

Economical choice

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Shelf blowing type quick freezing unit

Xing Shunda's Shelf blowing type quick freezing unit not only has a low initial investment, but a simplify structure ensures the reliability of the equipment. Meanwhile, high unit freezing capacity bring economic benefits to customers.
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Equipment characteristics

Xing Shunda's quick freezing unit has been derived from Xing Shunda's many years of equipment practical experience to help many customers achieve quick freezing requirement.

Easy to operate and maintain
The range of working temperature
User-friendly touch screen design (optional)
Customized automation design
A wide range of frozen products applicable
Lower initial investment
Device parameters

Device parameters

Valid Q.T.Y 8~10
(Based on customer requirements)
Evap. Area 25~125.46m^2
Capacity fish 960~5000 kg/shift*unit
shrimp 512~3000kg/shift*unit
Ref.Capa. 20~110Kw
Outline Dim.(L×W×H) L:3.3~5.1m;W:1.7~2.2m:H:1.9~2.3m
Based on customer requirements
Weight 2.1~4.3t
Fuzhou XingShunDa Refrigeration Facility Project Co., Ltd has founded in 2003. Xing Shunda specializes in the supply of equipment and solutions in the field of refrigeration and vacuum freeze drying.

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