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From the farm to the knife and fork, from the ocean to the table

High-quality food can reach your table, thanks to reliable and smart food storage systems and methods. Xingshunda's quick freezing equipment ensures that the goods can reach the specified storage temperature quickly and accurately to ensure that high-quality food comes to the consumer's table. 

Time and temperature

Seafood products have a high demand for preservation methods. How better seafood products in a high-quality state arrive consumers has always been pursued by the refrigeration industry. Xing Shunda's Quick freezing equipment provides high-speed and reliable cooling solutions, which come from Xing Shunda's years of technology accumulation. The light purse seine ships from Jinjiang and Dongshan Island in Fujian Province use Xingshunda refrigeration unit work continuously for 20 days and nights to quickly freeze seafood. 

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Flavors from the pastoral

Hing Shunda's Quick freezing system is reliable, helping local customers vegetable processing in Papua New Guinea. This stems from a targeted automation design that helps food processing manufacturers create hygienic, economical, and Quick freezing systems. 

Frozen food processing solutions

2006 and 2010 Xing Shunda provide Quick freezing and low-temperature refrigeration solutions for Fuzhou Yonghui Supermarket for the processing of dumplings and meat packets.

Technical assistance in meat production

From the contact with Fujian Green Food Co., Ltd. for steak preservation and meat quality and multi-party considerations, the Green Food company decides to cooperate with Xing Shunda. Xing Shunda’s fast refrigeration system helps companies deliver quality goods to consumers.

Refrigerated seawater system(RSW system)
In term of the offshore fishing boat, the flaked ice and RSW system are therefore effective and simple methods for keeping the freshness of the seafood.
2010 export Papua New Guinea Freezer
Model工程师对发往客户的设备进行最后检测我公司技术人员在现场调试设备2010年为巴布亚新几内亚客户提供500kg/小时速冻设备一套,用于速冻蔬菜加工,速冻机组配兴顺达制冷设备公司生产的150匹并联螺杆制冷机组,机组电控采用微电脑控制器 人性化的液晶PLC中文界面操作。保护措施完善的控制系统,能随时时监控机组运转状态。为使制冷机组能够长期、安全、稳定的运行整机配备有完善的保护、故障报警糸统,及自动故障检测系统。制设备安装运行后达到设计要求,一次性通过客户验收,客户使用后非常满意。
2005 Xinhua Freezing
Model速冻库配比泽尔30匹双级制冷机组1速冻库配比泽尔30匹双级制冷机组2速冻库配比泽尔30匹双级制冷机组3 2005年为信华食品(漳州)有限公司提供4T/6小时低温速冻肉包全套设备,制泠机组配套兴顺达制冷设备工程有限公司设计生产的30匹水冷凝双级活塞制泠机组4套,制设备安装运行后达到设计要求当年安装验收合格投入运行,至今仍在正常使用。
2015 Yiwu Dade Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Equipment  
2016 Futian Gutianzhen Fine Food Company freeze-drying equipment
Guangxi Yulin Medicinal Materials Wholesale Market 1200 tons high temperature library
Fuzhou XingShunDa Refrigeration Facility Project Co., Ltd has founded in 2003. Xing Shunda specializes in the supply of equipment and solutions in the field of refrigeration and vacuum freeze drying.

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