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Cold water and coolant unit

Xingshunda has been focusing on the development of chillers and low-temperature coolant units for many years, which gives us a professional and rich experience in unit development. The low- temperature coolant used in the low-temperature coolant unit can replace the ammonia and Freon to participate in heat exchange. Its low toxicity, low flammability, non-volatile liquid working and storage properties help customers to shape a safe working and storage environment. This system has Low pipe sealing and cleanliness requirements. Meanwhile, the coolant can be recycled after filtering when the pipe leak. This system combines reliability with the economy.
   Cold water unit

This series of units can provide cold water, which can be applied and food processing, fishing vessels are kept fresh, with high reliability and economy.
 Coolant unit

This series of units can use low-temperature coolant as an intermediate medium to replace the traditional refrigerant (ammonia gas and Freon) for heat exchange.
Fuzhou XingShunDa Refrigeration Facility Project Co., Ltd has founded in 2003. Xing Shunda specializes in the supply of equipment and solutions in the field of refrigeration and vacuum freeze drying.

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